Americatown Custom Rods


Purpose-Built | Custom | Affordable

The mission is simple: Put high-end rods in the hands of working-class people.

Americatown Custom Rods are built to your specifications. Whether you need a large grip, a faster tip, or a fighting butt that’ll give you more leverage… every detail is on the table.

Custom Rod Types


Build your dream rod for your favorite techniques.Whether your ripping huge tubes for deep lakers or presenting a No.12 Purple-Haze for risers…there’s a rod that will do it better than the rest. And we can build it. 

Everything from extended fighting butts to a float rod with just enough tip and plenty of backbone. If you have a need, Tom will build the solution. 


A perfect blend of form & function. Wood grips are both sensitive and distinct. You name it, Tom can turn it. Prefer a cork, carbon fiber, or an EVA grip? Happy to oblige.

 – Custom everything –

Guide Material, Size, Wrap Color…it’s all up to your needs and imagination.

Custom Fishing Rod Handle


Having your guides freeze chasing steelies sucks. Handles that don’t fit your mitt are junk. 

All issues have a solution and we’ll build that solution right into your rod. 

Tom reaches out to everyone personally to talk through exactly what you have in your mind and what the rods intended use is.

“Had been in need of a crappie rod for casting ulra-light jigs. Tom built everything to spec and the rod performs flawlessly .”

Andrew Z | Wisconsin