Kind Words From Fellow Fish Bums

...and pictures of some dandy's

“Nailed this beautiful Oahu bonefish with Ralston’s 8 wt. The rod was great for accurate casts in shallow water for these monsters where presentation meant everything.”
Joe DiPrisco
"Had been in need of a crappie rod for casting ultra-light jigs. Tom built everything to spec and the rod preforms flawlessly."
Andrew Z
“My name is Jim Rooks and I have been fly fishing for the past 40 years. I have been a professional guide in Wyoming and Idaho for the past decade. For the first 39 years of my fishing career, I used either cheap or discounted rods from the major manufacturers. I used to prescribe to the philosophy that the “….rod didn’t matter much.” Well,…that all changed when I purchased my first custom rod made by Tom Ralston from Americatown Custom Rods. I figured I’d try out a custom rod during my first-ever trip to Alaska. Tom built me a beautiful 10-foot 7-weight rod, with an over-sized cork handle and fighting butt. While I brought 3 other store bought rods to Alaska, I ended up fishing my Americatown rod the entire time. I simply cannot overstate how much I love this rod! The only mistake I made was bragging to my friends about my custom “rocket launcher” rod, as they asked to cast it. Not surprisingly, I had to wrestle that rod out of their hands for the rest of the trip as they all instantly fell in love with a rod that perfectly balances power and finesse. The versatility of the Americatown rod was exemplified when catching the 5 species of salmon, as well as huge rainbows, chars, and even pike! Beyond the impressive casting power and precision, the Americatown rod helped me hook, fight and land far more fish than any of the other anglers on the trip. Two of my friends actually broke “stronger” rods on large fish, while I confidently fought and landed dozens of Alaska monsters on my custom rod. You can now call me a custom rod convert, as I will never go back to fishing with generic store bought rods. God Bless Americatown!”
Jim Rooks
“Tom and I took a rod building class together six years ago. Over the past six years, I’ve continued to build a few rods a year. Tom, on the other hand, has turned his knowledge into a passion, and his passion into art. Working out of his garage, Tom builds fly, spin and ice fishing rods with precision and meticulous attention to detail. While building, Tom considers the individual angler, his or her strengths, fishing style and preferences. Tom customizes his rods to cater to the dry fly purist, the bone fisherman, meat chucking streamer fanatics, the south fork dredger who swings three nymphs at a time or the teenager picking up his or her very first fly rod. Tom’s hand built rods are custom, one of a kind rods that are perfect for gifts or an ideal addition to your quiver. In an industry oversaturated with overpriced rods and inventory, Tom is a breath of fresh air. So do yourself a favor, slow down, and fish a hand crafted, affordable work of art built by Tom Ralston.”
Jess Tuchscherer